VPS Hosting


This cost is a manual one off payment to cover 1 month

Sudo root access over SSH (Safe and secure access to root without allowing the root user to login over ssh)

Proxmox allows remote management, restart, shutdown, start up, resource monitoring, web based terminal access (with root login), live from the web portal anytime

Complete control over installed packages and updates

Debian 8.4 or Ubuntu 16.04

Daily Backups, with one free restore a month, so let us know if we can help

Near 24/7 email support, email us anytime and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can with a priority email address to contact us with which notifies us even after we close

24/7 Phone support is available as an optional extra

Shared IPv4 with 99 Ports available for each VPS

You can also get your own IPv6 address that doesn’t require port forwarding

New Zealand-based servers


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